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Carpineto Dogajolo Rosso 2019 - 3 Litre Bottle

Product description
The Dogajolo Rosso is a bright and intense ruby red, which swirls in the glass with good body and consistency. The excellent anthocyanin concentration of Sangiovese is pleasantly recognizable here. The finesse of the olfactory scents is further confirmed by the retro-nasal scents. Each sip is full-bodied and satisfying. The tannin is well dosed and pleasantly accompanied by a freshness that contributes to making this wine decidedly balanced and persistent. The Dogajolo Rosso pairs with well-seasoned meats, roasts, and regional Tuscan cuisine, from game to grilled meats. The Dogajolo Rosso is the perfect companion for multiple traditional Italian dishes thanks to its pleasant fruitiness as well as full-bodied character.