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Cedar Creek Chardonnay Paltinum "Block 5" 2017

Product description

This wine hails from Block 5 at the top of Home Block Vineyard. This was Cedar Creek's first year farming it organically. What used to be a vigorous, heavy canopy quickly showed a big change due to the changes in farming practices. As a result, the fruit developed riper flavours, but less sugar than it had in past years. This wine was fermented wild in puncheons and French oak barrels for structure, and our team encouraged a malolactic component to add softness. A wet spring led to a later start, however, the 2017 season was hotter and more compressed than normal. The season brought smaller berry size, clusters and yields. Fruit quality was excellent, characterized by high flavour concentration, moderate alcohol, balanced tannins, complexity and natural acidity. Pair with Asparagus risotto with lemon, butter, Parmesan and marjoram.