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Cenizo Colonial Hacienda Dolores Mezcal

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Product description

Cenizo Colonial Hacienda Dolores is made with maguey Cenizo (agave Duranguensis). The Gutierrez family and Fabiola Avila produce this lighter maguey Cenizo mezcal at their own historic Hacienda Dolores, and their agaves come from the hills of their own Rancho La Campana de Santa Elena in Mezquital. They roast the agave using traditional underground ovens, ferment in pine vats using only wild yeast from the air, and distill using copper and stainless steel pot stills similar to those used in Oaxacan mezcal production.

Cenizo Colonial Hacienda Dolores has notes of smoked meat, mesquite, and light hints of pepper and dried herbs on the finish.