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Chateau Ollieux Romanis Cuvee Prestige 2016

Product description

Located in Boutenac, just south of the village of Corbieres in the Languedoc region, Ollieux Romanis is now one of the largest privately owned wineries in Corbieres, spanning some 130 hectares. First planted to vine in the 11th century AD, Ollieux Romanis came into existence as a farm producing grains, olives, and mutton in Roman times, some eight centuries earlier. The Durban-Latreille family saw its potential and began planting it into vine. Soon, a priory was formed, and the domain flourished, as tending to the vine was part of the monks' daily religious ritual for the production of the holy sacrament.

Raised in a mix of demi-muids and barriques, the  2016 Corbieres Blanc Cuvee Prestige is a blend of 45% Roussanne, 45% Marsanne and 10% Grenache Blanc.  It offers subtle aromas of toasted grain, white peach and melon, then a medium-bodied palate with a silky mouthfeel.  A touch of scorched orange zest appears on the finish.