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Cinco Sentidos Espadin Mezcal

Product description

Eleuterio Perez Ramos, also known as "Tio Tello," produced this batch at his modest palenque in El Nanche, Oaxaca. Tio Tello harvests exclusively mature agave and maintains a tradition of hand mashing that is essentially lost in the region of Miahuatlan. 

This particular batch employs Espadin Capon, a process in which the stalk of the agave, is cut after it has sprouted. The plant is left in the field for an extended time to allow sugars within it to concentrate. The tropical and herbal flavours found in this bottling are captivating and harmonious.

Cinco Sentidos ("five senses") started as the house mezcal line at Oaxaca's acclaimed restaurant and mezcaleria El Destilado. These uncertified agave spirits highlight diverse, traditional production methods employed by small-batch producers who distill a variety of agave species. The range embodies the customs, traditions, and history behind the spirits and the people who make them.

Nose:wet clay, red apple skin, tropical.

Palate:dehydrated fruit, dried thyme.

Finish:roasted squash, black tea.