Cinco Sentidos Pichomel Mezcal
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Cinco Sentidos Pichomel Mezcal

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From the high desert of Southwestern Puebla, this beautiful expression of Pichomel (A. Marmorata) is a tropical masterpiece, especially perfect for warmer weather. This small batch of only 180 liters was distilled by maestro mezcalero Atelo Ramirez and his wife Laura Arriaga. Agave Pichomel grows wild in the high dessert and tends to have a very low yield. Don Atelo is the only mezcalero in the village of Los Reyes Metzontla, and his mezcales are highly prized within the region for their vibrant flavors and approachability. His agaves are hand-smashed using a wooden mallet. Distillation is with a pot still made of steel, clay, and copper. Aromas: Intense Notes of Banana Laffy-Taffy, Plaintain Skin. Palate: A Juicy and Sweet Melody of Tropical Fruits, Strawberry Cheesecake and Light, Complementary Smoke.

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