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Cinco Sentidos Tobala Jabali

Product description

Cinco Sentidos is a representation of small-scale maestro mezcaleros that produce agave spirits with complex flavors. We select high-quality distillates that represent the various production processes, agave diversity, and traditions and talents of Mexico's master distillers of agave. 

Every once in a while we come upon a rare, small batch that doesn’t quite fit in our line-up. We find these rare batches a home one of two ways: Support needs within communities in Oaxaca by donating a portion of sales from specific releases to Oaxacan-based non-profits, and support our friends who run small businesses in the U.S. by offering an exclusive release. 

Jabali-Tobalá is the result of Alberto Martinez’s first attempt to harvest, ferment and distill these two wild, high altitude agaves together. Double distilled in clay pot stills. Tasting events hosted by Chicago’s Quiote and CH Distillery, as well some proceeds from the sale of the bottle, allowed us to donate nearly $1,000 to S.A.C.R.E.D., who in turned used those funds to support earthquake victims in Huajuapan, Oaxaca.  Proceeds from a second batch were donated to the Zaachila Agave Project, an initiative that teaches middle school students how to grow agave from seed.