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Asahi Shuzo Dassai '23' Junmai Daiginjo Sake - 720 ml

Product description

Dassai's flagship sake, '23', is refined elegance in a glass.  Dassai polished down Yamada-Nishiki rice to 23%, producing their ultimate Junmai-Daiginjo sake.  '23' delivers honey-like sweetness with an exquisite butterfly-effect finish. 

This opulent sake from Japan's Yamaguchi Prefecture reveals delicate aromas of lily, white peach, and vanilla.  This perfume is beautifully balanced with bosc pear, musk melon, and fresh rain water on the palate. Excellent depth of flavour with an elegant lasting finish.  

'23' pairs divinely with Raw Oysters, Truffle, and Spot Prawns.  

94 Points - Decanter

From Japan’s far west beyond Hiroshima, Dassai produces only junmai daiginjo in three main styles; 23, 39 and 50, reflecting their respective polishing ratios. This lovely aromatic daiginjo displays plenty of intense, fragrant floral and melon notes, fresh without the unpasteurised zing of nama sake. It is smooth and richly flavoured with melon, pear, peach and touches of coconut and cinnamon. There is a lovely rich texture and elegant, long dry finish.