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Dillon's Gin Variety Pack 355 ml - 12 Cans

(Includes 12 units $2.45 each)

Product description
At Dillon's, they take great pride in handcrafting products using copper stills and fresh local ingredients without artificial flavours or colours. They strive to make new enjoyable spirits from old ideas and to do so with unparalleled quality, one batch at a time. They are a group of passionate individuals. They are passionate about crafting honest spirits and in turn crafting honest, spirit and ingredient forward cocktails. They make spirits how they like them. When you know what you like, it's simple and they like to keep it simple. They began this journey back in 2012 with a lot of passion, drive, commitment, and a big dream. A dream to make the best possible spirits and be honest at every step. It takes an honest day’s work in the truest sense to make honest to goodness spirits.

The Variety Pack includes:

4 x 355mL Tangerine, Lemon & A Hint of Mint Gin Cocktail
4 x 355mL Black Cherry & A Touch of Cranberry Gin Cocktail
4 x 355mL Blackberry, Lemon & A Dash of Elderflower Gin Cocktail