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Garrison Brothers Small Batch Bourbon - 375 ml

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Product description

We understand the deal. High-quality straight bourbon can be quite pricey. Not to mention, those large, bulky bottles can be inconvenient to bring along to events like ball games, rodeos, dances, or even to fit into a Christmas stocking. However, once you've tasted it, settling for cheap alternatives is simply disappointing. We have the perfect solution for you: introducing the Garrison Brothers Boot Flask. It's portable, affordable, and will make you the ultimate gift-giving champion.

Consider us your trusty sidekick, always there to support you. Whether it's in your back pocket, tucked in your boot, or even stashed in your purse, this flask is designed to hold the same smooth, heavenly bourbon nectar you've always loved or wanted to try. Now, the unparalleled experience of enjoying a bottle of Garrison Brothers Bourbon can be savored anytime and anywhere you desire.