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Glenallachie Single Malt 2011 Single Cask #4493 PX Hogshead

Product description

When Billy Walker assumed control of the GlenAllachie Distillery, he also assumed control of 25,000 casks. One of the first tasks at hand was to inspect each individual cask in the warehouses and recask the majority of the distillate into better quality wood, including many first fill sherry hogsheads and puncheons. However, a few of those casks got left behind in their own original wood. One of those was a refill PX Hogshead from 2011.

This 2011 PX is one of the select few casks that were up to snuff and did not get re-casked. It is still rich, but not drowning in sherry and the colour is modest; it represents an opportunity to view the GlenAllachie distillate as it was when Billy walked though the front doors, but still satisfy the GlenAllachie lovers out there.