Gorgo Pinot Grigio delle Venezie 2019
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Gorgo Pinot Grigio delle Venezie 2019

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Gorgo was founded in 1973 by Roberto Bricolo on 22 hectares. It now covers 60 hectares, almost all within the producing regions of Bianco di Custoza and Bardolino. With the support of his daughter Roberta, he manages the land. Gambero Rosso and the rest of the Italian wine press have praised the wines for their freshness and directness, as well as their winning minerality.

Gorgo is located on a glacier moraine near the village of Custoza, just south of Lake Garda. This area's light textured soil is normally whitish, and it's made up of rock pieces, pebbles, humus, and silt that's high in calcium carbonate concentration and pH.

A cosmopolitan wine that captivates its admirers with its pleasurable hints of citrus, pears and green apples. Perfect as a soft, fruity aperitif that excels on every occasion. Soft and fruity with pleasurable hints of citrus, pears and apples.

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