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Hop House 13 Lager 500 ml - 24 Cans

(Includes 24 units $4.12 each)

Product description

Located at Guinness' legendary St. James’s Gate brewery, the Brewers Project allows their best brewers to experiment with recipes old and new. This double-hopped lager is the next chapter in that project. It’s decidedly modern and totally different. With more ingredients comes more character. 100% Irish-grown malted barley. The distinctive Guinness yeast. A mixture of Australian and American hops runs as an undercurrent through this incredibly deep beer, which is fresh at the surface and complex at the bottom. Their brewers set out to create something that would stimulate your palate and senses alike. From first sip to the lingering finish, this beer is surprising. 

A lager made with so much more! More hops. More character. More taste. It’s a lively sip with accents of apricot and peach. The flavour deepens into subtle malt with a medium body. Combining famous Guinness yeast with Irish-grown barley in a lager brewing process, their brewers changed the game!