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Kavalan Artist Series Set - 4 Bottles

(Includes 4 units $998.75 each)

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Product description

The first edition introduces four bottles in collaboration with Master Artist Paul Chiang, who draws creative energy from his homeland, and whose work was selected for interpreting classical music and the natural beauty of Taiwan.


The single-cask, cask-strength whiskies, Puncheon, Virgin Oak, French Wine Cask, and Peated Malt, are inspired by the four elements, Ocean, Air, Sunlight, and Mother Earth, each of which plays an essential role in the creation of Kavalan whisky.

This set includes, one 1000 ml bottle of each of the below selections:

Kavalan Artist Series "Ocean" - Puncheon 

Painting – “Pisilian (Morning Stars over the Coast)" The indigenous name, Pisilian, refers to a stretch of Taiwan’s eastern coastline, connecting Kavalan’s home in Yilan County with Taitung County where Paul Chiang is based. Kavalan’s story, or dream, starts in the Ocean under a starry sky. From here, moisture rises and eventually condenses above Snow Mountain, creating Kavalan’s legendary water source.

Kavalan Artist Series "Air" - Virgin Oak Cask

Painting – “On Wings of Song” Named after a Felix Mendelssohn piano piece, Paul Chiang’s circular brushstrokes imagine effervescent air particles and the beating of wings, creating the sensation of air in motion. The Kavalan dream takes flight in Air, and this painting can be seen as an artistic rendition of the whisky maturation process.

Kavalan Artist Series "Mother Earth" - Peated

Painting – “Jinzun / Summer” The final piece in the set is both homecoming and rebirth. The green, yellow, and blue represent Taiwan’s East Coast’s lushness and the vibrant flavours and scents of Kavalan whisky. This Mother Earth bears the fruits of labour for both Kavalan and Mr Chiang and the seeds for new growth. The Kavalan dream becomes a reality.

Kavalan Artist Series "Sunlight" - French Wine Cask

Painting – “Meditation on Eternity” The golden Sunlight in this piece represent sparks of hope, lighting the path toward the Kavalan dream. The fiery red denotes both the intensity of purpose and the heat of the sun, the same life giving warmth that uniquely enhances Kavalan’s ageing.