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Koch El Mezcal Tobala

Product description

Produced from wild tobalá, this mezcal is crafted by Master Mescalero Pedro Hernández. The agaves are roasted using red oak and mesquite and are then crushed using a horse-drawn tahona. The aguamiel is then left in open pine vats and left to naturally ferment. It is double-distilled in a copper pot still and is bottled at proof.

The first thing you'll notice is the aroma of the ocean air appropriately followed by coconut milk, hazelnut, celery and star fruit. Oregano soon follows with Thai basil, cedar, and roasted pineapple. As you taste, even more flavours and it is here that the slight smoke notes come through with notes of ash. Cedar and clay join the fruit party along with walnuts and cocoa nibs which leave a slight bitterness on the finish.