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Koyle Carmenere Gran Reserva 2019

Product description

Vinas Koyle is situated in a Mediterranean microclimate on the Andean foothills. Their vineyards are influenced by the constant and fresh breezes that come down from the mountains and their well-drained soils have a clay texture with volcanic rocks and colluvial stones that deliver unique minerals giving the right balance to their vines. Both are key factors of optimal terroir for the production of high quality red wines.

The soil presents a matrix of rocks in different states of decomposition, mainly as fragmented alterites, which give the balance sought between vigour, productivity and quality. Mineral notes are expressed because of the balanced extraction through the deep roots.

This wine has a lovely and lively fragrance with aromas of raspberry, plum, cherry, white pepper, and cedar. This wine has a lovely, velvety texture and vivid tart cherry, raspberry, cranberry, and plum flavours on the palate, with vibrant acidity and a wonderful, velvety texture. The finish is lengthy, with red cherry flavours that linger.