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Los Cardos Cabernet Sauvignon - 12 Bottles

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Product description
Los Cardos wines from Doña Paula showcase fresh, approachable wine grown in some of the finest appellations of Argentina. Los Cardos is a Spanish word for "the thistles" flowers known in Argentina for their intense and surprisingly vivid colour and sharp thorns. In Mendoza, their presence is an unmistakable signal of good terroir. The grapes are sourced from sustainably managed vineyards growing in a challenging climate with a breathtaking landscape at more than 3,300 ft. above sea level, where they enjoy the constant breeze from the Andes Mountains. The resulting wine is fresh and perfect for every occasion.

Deep ruby red colour. The wine is expressive and spicy, with black pepper, graphite and cassis aromas. In the mouth, black fruit and gentle tannins with a round pleasing texture.