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Los Siete Misterios Espadin Con Pechuga 2018

Product description

Artisanal, hand-crafted in small batches to preserve the whole spirit, heritage, and tradition of Mezcal, and distilled with only 100% natural agave sugars that come from ripe plants! 

Pechuga mezcals are traditionally created to commemorate harvests and key events such as Easter, Christmas, and La Fiesta de los Fieles Difuntos (the Feast of Lost Souls). Los Siete Misterios Pechuga is distilled twice in copper pots and then infused with local fruits from the harvest. It is then distilled a third time with a turkey breast suspended in the neck of the still. Made by Maestro Mezcaleros Don Mario Lopez and Alexandre Gabriel in Santiago Matatlán, Oaxaca.