Sold Out Maltbarn "Glenrothes" 1996
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Maltbarn "Glenrothes" 1996

Last unit sold for $303.00

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General Information

Maltbarn is a German independent bottler and producer, which offers a fine selection of whiskeys of different distilleries, known throughout the world, as well as under its own brand of whiskey "Maltbarn". The only criterion for the selection of whiskey bottling company for Maltbarn is the quality, "no fuss, no big marketing tricks or drums at a higher price. Here you will find just the bottle with your favorite whiskey, which we would like to drink ourselves." The Family firm Maltbarn is based on a farm in northern Germany, on the coast of the North Sea. The colorful whiskey labels always depicts the surrounding farm world - The surrounding flora and fauna or small sketches from the life of most farms. Whisky from Maltbarn is not mass-produced, filling carried out in very small quantities, usually from one barrel. 

Very clean and fresh aroma of whiskey filled with subtle notes of peat and wood smoke, shades of green and yellow apples, vanilla, cut grass, banana and orange, sea salty nuances.  Smooth, oily, peaty, with hints of herbs, anise, mint, clove, lemon, vanilla. Some woody notes make it a little bit dry, but do not dominate the palette. The finish is long, with nuances of ash, apple and lemon. 

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