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Mar Azul Banana Tequila

Product description

Mar Azul is a family owned company based in San Antonio, Texas who understand what it takes to make the perfect Tequila. They focus on the traditional way of making their Tequila. Their Blue Weber Agave comes directly from the State of Jalisco, and they still use the traditional technique to create the unique and flavorful Tequila called Mar Azul.

Mar Azul Banana Tequila is made in order to perfect its splendid creamy flavor using a mixture of bananas grown for this purpose and organically fertilized, guaranteeing its unique flavor.

As a result of the search for its originality, Mar Azul obtained the exact aroma, tropical and fresh, with an insightful and striking flavor. When you try it, you will find a durable, warm and soft finish on the palate. As fresh as the memory of childhood but seasoned with the firmness of the agave.

Their fruits are never exposed to ethanol gas to induce ripening.