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Marques de Nombrevilla Garnacha Old Vines 2018

Product description

Although this is a fun and very quaffable wine, you may be surprised by the seriousness that pours from this bottle. The structure and tannin are strong for this young and still fruity Grenache. The acidity is tingly and pleasant, adding a freshness to the spicy flavours. Predominant notes of red berries, especially raspberry and cranberry, with woodsy undertones of brush and bark. The concentration of flavours from these old vines (35-45 years) would show more elegantly with decanting, or if you were patient enough to keep it for a couple more years.

Intense, red cherry color. Concentrated and complex aromas, rich in spicy notes and red ripened fruit. Balanced tannins, dense and tasty palate with a long-lasting finish where fine toasty notes appear.

A fantastic accompaniment to BBQ, grilled meat, stews, beef, lamb, pork or on its own.