Sold Out Naked Grape Blue (NV)
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Naked Grape Blue (NV)

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With the release of Naked Grape Blue, the Blue Wine trend that originated from Spain has now found its way to Alberta. Naked Grape's Blue Wine is made from a blend of many varietals of white wine, with added natural flavours and colouring to give it a bright blue colour. Some wine connoisseurs may be turned off because it's more of a wine beverage than a wine, but it's definitely a fun drink, perfect for the patio. Bright notes of tropical fruit and refreshing citrus with a hint of sweetness, making it a juicy, refreshing wine in every sip. Easy sipping and fun for summer or all year long. Turn into fancy ice cubes for Prosecco or turn the wine into a pretty ice slush for a grown up treat. Try adding a splash of Prosecco and some fresh mint and ice for an easy patio cocktail.

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