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Old Ezra Brooks 7 Year Old

Product description

Aged 7 years, it is bottled at a barrel proof of 117 proof. Aged in new, charred white oak.

NOSE... A very traditional set of bourbon scents consisting of vanilla, caramel, brown sugar, and oak. It's mild for a high-proof bourbon and its aromas are straightforward with no frills.

PALATE... A surprisingly lively burst of flavour that ranges from sweet fruit to rich caramel and spicy oak. Its heat can get in the way of the flavours at times but doesn't muddle or suppress them to a detrimental degree. This is a full-flavoured affair, with adequate complexity and a very satisfying impact.

FINISH... Oak, spice, and dark cherries ride the finish out to its natural conclusion. There is a nice pop of vanilla and candied apple near the end that is short, but beneficial.