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Paltrinieri Piria Lambrusco di Sorbara (NV)

Product description

The Paltrinieri family has been producing Lambrusco grapes for over three generations near the city of Modena. Their method is considered sustainable, with a preference for natural winemaking. The Piria is a big funnel fashioned from half-oak barrel pieces that has been utilised in every generation up to the present day. In the Modena Cathedral, the Piria is represented in the cycle of bas-reliefs dedicated to the months. The label's design was inspired by one found in the Paltrinieri family's collection of agricultural implements.

Alberto Paltrinieri, an oenologist, farms 15 hectares of Lambrusco Sorbara and Salamino grapes, the majority of which come from the Il Christo vineyard. This Lambrusco is gentle and balanced, with light texture and a touch of earthy appeal; a perfect entrée to these pleasing wines, combining the pale fragrant flavour of Salamino with the punch of textural fruit from Sorbara. This flexible, low-alcohol Lambrusco is simply a treat, with cutting acidity and tart red fruits, as well as a healthy dose of minerality. Bright, approachable, and ideal as an aperitivo, or as you grill marinated chicken, sausages, and shrimp skewers on your BBQ, it will keep you company from start to end.