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Phillips Octobox Mix Pack 473 ml - 8 Cans

Product description

Octobox is an 8-pack of 473 ml tall cans featuring two cans each of:

Solaris White Peach Ale

Brewed with wheat and unfiltered to be hazy for your summertime lazy.  It's bright and crisp with big juicy fruit notes.

Glitter Bomb Hazy Pale Ale

This hazy pale ale explodes with lush citrus, and juicy fruit notes that sparkle across your palate.

Raspberry Wheat Ale

Raspberry Wheat pours a deep ruby red colour topped by a frothy bubble-gum pink head.  The nose is sweet citrus raspberry. A clean, dry finish caps its light champagne mouthfeel.

Tiger Shark Citra Pale Ale

This citra-focused beer is a pale ale re-imagined. Bred to attack the pallet, Tiger Shark is a tropical alpha beast packed with juicy passion fruit and citrus flavour without the bitter bite.