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Revel Cider Time and Place 355ml - Single Can

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Product description

Time and Place is the purest expression of the native yeasts in our cidery and on our fruit. It's bright and tart, a blend of apple and wild yeast acidity.

Long aging on crabapple pomace coaxes out quiet tannins and ripe orchard aromatics. Restrained yet elegant, it is the cider we've always wanted to make.

Scent of strong and musty apples with some vinegar notes.  Slightly earthy. The initial taste has medium bite, slightly tangy, pulpy apple. Obvious tannic notes, with mild vinegar-like fermentation elements. Becomes smoother and sweeter, quickly.  Heavy on yeast and the fermentation process that lingers for a while. Finishes with more heritage apple flavours than it starts with.