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Stoneleigh Pinot Noir Latitude

Product description

Latitude wines are crafted from grapes sourced from the ‘Golden Mile’; a strip of land covered with ancient sunstones and highly regarded for its outstanding grape-growing conditions. The resulting wines are aromatically lifted and riper in spectrum, a result of higher concentration of the stones in the area and the remarkable impact this has on the vines.

This wine is a deep magenta colour with hints of purple. Complex aromas of plum compote, baking spices, vanilla and toasty oak continue to evolve in the glass. The palate is rich and concentrated with firm tannins, and the highlighted sweet fruit flavours are balanced by good acid structure. Notes of blackberry and black cherry are followed by charry oak and subtle spice. The finish is persistent and generous, with hints of dark chocolate.

Serve this full-bodied wine with equally rich and robust flavours. Roast pheasant or a butterflied lamb leg cooked in pomegranate molasses will be stunning matches. Slow cooked game such as duck cassoulet or Provencal dishes such as ratatouille with black olives will also work well. Ripe Brie de Mieux and gorgonzola will be fantastic pairings too.