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Stratus Riesling Icewine 2022 - 375 ml

Product description

By all accounts, the quality of grapes in 2022 was exceptional across the board. Unfortunately, the 2022 crop was small, producing on average, just 50% of the yield of previous years.

The new year got off to a very cold start, with extreme cold temperatures throughout January and into February, the weather was variable with big swings in temperature, from unseasonably warm, to cooler than average. March gave a preview of spring, with warm weather and some melting, only to have winter re-emerge for a second act. April continued the theme, with colder than usual temperatures. Summer was relatively warm and dry, with a few storms bringing a lot of rain all at once, but the weather was otherwise agreeable for grape growing. 2022 wines will be highly sought-after for both their quality and scarcity.