Sold Out Tahbilk Shiraz
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Tahbilk Shiraz

Product description

The story of Tahbilk begins with the land and the river.  Situated within the traditional lands of the Taungurung people, tabilk-tabilk means 'place of many waterholes', a name that aptly describes the abundance of the landscape.  This is the place we call home.  The intricate internal billabong systems create a unique meso-climate and provides a home for an array of plant and animal life, supporting near-perfect growing conditions in our vineyards.  Our unique environment is at the heart of our ability to craft wines of exceptional quality, which truly represent the earth in which they grow. 

Established in 1860 Tahbilk is one of Australia's most beautiful and historic family owned wineries. Located in the Nagambie Lakes region of central Victoria (120kms north of Melbourne), one of the nation's premium viticultural areas. We continue to be the only winery in Australia accredited carboNZero at a product and organisation level.  We look forward to continuing our efforts to become naturally carbon balanced in the future. 

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