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Tenzan Jizake Junmai Genshu Sake - 720 ml

Product description

Tenzan is a leader of the new wave of younger generation visionaries.  Built on the experience of five generations and their motto, 'to integrate new things while being eternal', Tenzan is producing sakes with fresher profiles and more complex finessed elegance.  Tenzan crafts sake from some of Japan's hardest waters, with manufacturing situated in the Saga Prefecture.

Rich, earthy, and full-bodied, this silky unfiltered junmai genshu is a powerful and flavourful gem. Its unique bamboo packaging is very popular with Tenzan fans all over the world.  Aromas of soft coconut, dried fruit, and banana mingle with tastes of apple skin, caramel, and walnut.  Enjoy chilled or warmed.  This sake pairs well with roasted pork, creamy gratin, and sea urchin sushi.

Origin:   Saga Prefecture  |   Rice:  Saga no Hana  |   Rice Polished to:   60%   |   Alcohol:  18%