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Tenzan Shichida Junmai Muroka Sake - 720 ml

Product description

Tenzan is a leader of the new wave of younger generation visionaries.  Built on the experience of five generations and their motto, 'to integrate new things while being eternal', Tenzan is producing sakes with fresher profiles and more complex finessed elegance.  With production based in the Saga Prefecture, Tenzan crafts sake from some of the hardest waters in Japan.

A muroka style sake (non-charcoal filtered), Shichida shows a brilliant balance of robust umami and acidity, riding on rich minerality.  Notes of banana, honey, toasted nuts, and apple waft from the glass.  This sake pairs perfectly with rib-eye steak, poutine, and fried softshell crab 

Origin:   Saga Prefecture  |   Rice:  Reiho   |   Rice Polished to:  65%   |   Alcohol:  17%

Awards:  GOLD MEDAL - US National Saké Appraisal 2019  |  JUDGES SELECTION - Alberta Beverage Awards 2020