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Tequila Fuenteseca Extra Anejo 7 Year Old

Product description

Fuenteseca Tequila presents the mastery of agave cultivation and tequila distillation using agave cultivated in various soil types, distilled in assorted still types, and rested in an array of vessels, be they of stainless steel or a collection of wooden casks from around the world… harmonizing to create incomparable spirits in a series of limited bottlings.

Three-quarters of the bottling made in a double-copper column still with removed plates to achieve a lower distillation proof and the remaining quarter made in an alembic pot still. Half of the run was then stored in American white oak previously used to age California red wine, and the remaining half barreled in used dark French Oak. The casks were then stored for 7 years at 3,800' elevation in a cool-climate subterranean barrel room.

The tequila offers spicy sweet oak, caramel, vanilla, with hints of black pepper, apricots, and baking spices, culminating in a spicy-sweet extra añejo finish with pronounced oak and a sweet dry aftertaste.