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Troubled Monk Golden Ale 355 ml - 6 Cans

(Includes 6 units $2.79 each)

Product description

This is our cleanest and most approachable beer. Most similar to a lager style that most people are familiar with.

We consider this to be Alberta in a glass. Showcases locally grown barley. About 93% of the barley in GG is sourced within a 50 mile radius of the brewery.

All about light malt flavors, only lightly touched by hops.

Golden Gaetz Golden Ale showcases the renowned quality of Canadian malts. The malt furnishes the backbone of light bread or biscuit with sweet corn while the hops provide balance with a hint of lemon followed by black pepper and just a whisper of dark berries. Its lower strength and bitterness make it the perfect beer to enjoy on a patio, camping, or anywhere.