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TY KU Silver Premium Junmai Sake - 330 ml

Product description

TY KU Junmai Sake is fresh and smooth with subtle pear notes, leaving softness on the palate. This sake is crafted from specialty Akebono sake rice that is polished so only 70% of the grain remains, a process that removes impurities and refines taste. Enjoy chilled like a glass of white wine or in cocktails.

TY KU is an award-winning leader in producing premium sake.  Made from only 4 all-natural ingredients, premium non-GMO rice, pure soft water, yeast, and handmade koji, it's one of the purest alcoholic beverages on the planet.  It's a clean alternative to wine but gluten-free, sulfite-free, and tannin-free, with five times less acidity than wine.

Origin:  Nara Prefecture  |   Rice:  Akebono  |   Rice Polished to:   70%   |   Alcohol:  15.5%

Awards:   Platinum Medal - World Wine Competition  |   Gold Medal - New York World Wine & Spirits Competition