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Belgian Ale Tasting Pack - 6 Bottles


General Information

6 Exclusive Belgian Ales Gift Box Containing:

1x Augustijn Blond 7% 330ml

It pours a straw colour body, with a thick active foaming head.  The aroma is fruity, with strong Belgian yeast characters.Sweet tropical fruit, bready yeast and a malty backbone make for a nice flavour combination.  The mouthfeel is full but smooth.  Gentle spicing comes in late as the beer dries out, with a lingering bitterness. Perfect for a lazy autumn afternoon, this beer will fill a spot early in a flight.  An easy drinking typical Belgian blonde ale.

1x Augustijn Dark 8% 330ml

Augustijn Dark is a dark beer with a rather lightly smoked flavour and notes of nuts and caramel. Full-bodied and mild with beautifully balanced notes of grapes and chocolate.

1x Augustijn Grand Cru 9% 330ml

Very full-bodied with notes of malt. A unique, excellent beer that is the perfect accompaniment to seafood.   

1x Gulden Draak 10,5% 330ml

Gulden Draak has been brewed honouring the traditional use of precious hop varieties and unique strains of yeast since 1986. Our brewers control the high fermentation, natural lagering and re-fermentation processes with skilful mastery. Gulden Draak is easy to drink as an aperitif, dessert or just when you have time to enjoy. This "barley wine" harmonises perfectly with and in stews and with a Ghent stew in particular. It also gives added value to sauces with red meat such as bordelaise and is also ideal as a dessert beer, especially with dark chocolate.

1x Piraat 10,5% 330ml

The Van Steenberghe brewery created Piraat in 1988 in the wake of the success of its Gulden Draak. Jozef Van Steenberghe used the same unique wine yeasts as in Gulden Draak to create a unique, excellent amber beer.The result is a very drinkable, but strong beer worthy of the name Piraat. Its power takes you on a journey through some unique flavours based on the brewery's rich traditions. A living beer with a rich past. Set sail! The flavour is slightly sweet and warm, complex and rich, hop bitter.

1x Gulden Draak Quadruple 9000 10,5% 330ml

The Gulden Draak 9000 Quadruple is insurmountably linked to the Ghent booth: black and white are the official city colors, 9000 is the postcode of the city and the very first Gulden Draak 9000 quadruple was donated in the Belfry of Ghent! A high fermentation beer with secondary fermentation. For the secondary fermentation use is made of a wine yeast that not only contributes to the unparalleled taste but also ensures a long-term shelf life with taste evolution.

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