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Varnelli Amaro Erborista

Product description
Distilleria Varnelli has been producing spirits since 1868 in an area on the slopes of the Sibillini Mountains in the Marche Region. The business started from a brilliant idea of the founder Girolamo Varnelli, a keen herbalist who put his studies to use in the creation of the first product, Amaro Sibilla, a rich tonic liquor which was awarded the Gold Medal in 1909 at the International Exhibition in Turin.

Varnelli Amaro Erborista is a captivating elixir that embodies the essence of Italian herbal mastery. Its complex flavour profile invites you on a journey of aromatic enchantment. The initial sip reveals a harmonious blend of bittersweet herbs, unveiling layers of earthy roots, zesty citrus, and delicate floral undertones. As the flavours unfold, a subtle warmth emerges, leaving a lingering hint of spices and a satisfyingly bitter finish.