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Vidal Fleury Cote Rotie 2019

Product description

A red wine, dry and good for keeping. Appellation of Origin since 1940, it is one of the oldest vineyards in France and present in the Vidal-Fleury range since 1781. This rare, very remarkable wine has fabulous balance. 

On the right bank of the Rhône, Côte-Rotie combines the structure of the Cote Brune with the aromas of the Cote Blonde. It is the northernmost appellation of the Rhone Valley, where the vineyard is located on terraces which can be very narrow.

An intense and very complex nose (fresh fruit followed by violet, pepper and black olive). A palate, on blackcurrant and spices, supple, rich and full of freshness with a very straight persistence in aroma and structure.