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Yoshi No Gawa Daiginjo Sake - 720 ml

Product description

A super-premium expression of Niigata's finest brews, Yoshi No Gawa brewers age this daiginjo in tanks for three years at -5 Celsius to adopt expressive water notes and a complex integrated profile full of umami and lush tropical fruit notes. The nose is layered with herbs and spice. Be warned, one sip and you'll want to keep exploring until the whole bottle is finished. Enjoy this chilled, and preferably on its own so that you can explore the depth of flavours and aromas without any interruption.

Aromas of ripe cantaloupe, kiwi, and nutmeg lure you into this sophisticated sake.  It is elegance in a glass, personified by tastes of melon, strawberry, ginger, and an extremely round mouthfeel.  This daiginjo pairs beautifully with Rare Beef Filet, Duck Confit, and Manchego Cheese

Origin:   Niigata Prefecture  |   Rice:  Koshi Tanrei   |   Rice Polished to:   40%   |   Alcohol:  16.5%

Awards:   Commended Winner - International Wine Challenge 2018