Posted on by David Dienger

With a multitude of grape varieties grown in Italy, it's tricky to distill this iconic wine soaked peninsula into baby sips, however, ZYN is here for you!

From the Alps to the Mediterranean Sea, Italy is a wine lover's dream. At ZYN we are often asked where to begin? Italy's best red wines for beginners tend to share three common characteristics, they're bold in flavour, they lean heavily into familiar fruit flavours and typically can be found for under $25 per bottle.

Wine Nero d'avola

ZYN's first choice is Nero d'avola. If Italy is the boot, Sicily is the soccer ball about to be launched. As Sicily's rockstar red grape, it brings plenty of bright cherry and peppery spice to the glass. Pair it with a juicy bison burger or your Mom's lasagna.

Wines Primitivo or Zinfandel

ZYN's next suggestion is Primitivo, also known as Zinfandel. One of Italy's lush and plush red wine divas, it's a natural with grilled vegetables and Chorizo sausage.

Wine Barbera

ZYN's final choice is Barbera. Barbera is a wine that's perfectly poised to bring out the red fruit flavours without the mouth drying tannins. We all know Winter is on the way and we will be having more comfort style meals, so consider partnering Barbera with a hearty beef stew. 

ZYN carries a wide range of Italian wines, so head to our Italian wine section on the website and start shopping!