Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most popular Fortified Wine?

There's different varieties of Fortified Wines, like Sherry, Marsala or Vermouth. However, the most popular one is Port wine. Higher in alcohol, heavier and with a sweeter taste than the rest, this wine is usually served as a dessert wine.

What kind of food goes with Fortified Wine?

Food pairing with Fortified Wines is going to depend on which type you are drinking. In general, this kind of wines are known as both an aperitif and a dessert wine so the options are many. You could try it with many kinds of cheese, nuts, fruit tarts, and even desserts with cream-based or chocolate in it.

When should I drink Fortified Wine?

The styles of Fortified Wines vary widely; many are on the sweeter side. This tendency to sweetness means that Fortified Wines are often drunk either as an aperitif, like Sherry, or as an after-dinner drink, like Port. Their strong, complex flavours and relatively high alcohol content means that they can also hold their own in cocktails such as vermouth.