Posted on by Alvis Ly

Everyone talks about wine ratings, but what exactly is a wine rating?

The 100 point wine rating system is the benchmark of quality in the wine industry. If you have ever looked for a good bottle of wine, for example, 90 points, then you have used ratings.

Wine ratings were first popularized int he 1980's by one writer who went against the grain to rate wines for consumers. His name is Robert Parker. Today Parker is the most recognized wine critic and his 100 point system is generally considered the standard scale by which wine is rated.

Customers always ask if a higher rating means it is tasty and good. As wine is very personal, ratings do not necessarily indicate how delicious wine is. Instead, wines are scored based on production quality and typicity, meaning how much the traits of a particular wine typify the region it comes from.

The scale for ratings starts at 50 and goes to 100 points, although most critics will not rate wines below 80 points. 90-94 point wines are superior to exceptional, and anything above that is a classic.

Never stop exploring new wines. Ratings can be very useful when paired with your ability to be curious and seek more knowledge.