Posted on by David Dienger

Thanksgiving is approaching and the staff at ZYN are looking out for you and are eager to assist you in finding the perfect beverages for your Thanksgiving feast!

Need an ice breaker wine and who doesn't, bring out the bubbly to get the party started. Prosecco, Cava or Champagne, they all make a great choice!

If your mission is to find a red wine for dinner, then we suggest a Zinfandel. It's lower tannins help to moisten even the driest turkey. As well, the flavour of Zinfandel, cinnamon and clove will put you in the mood for Fall.

Ham is usually on the menu and Pinot Noir is a great choice due to its high acidity which cuts through the rich flavours of the meat.

Not everyone drinks red, so for a white wine suggestion, nothing beats a glass of dry Riesling. The bright acidity tingles through all the fat in the gravy, stuffing and yams. Every sip feels like hitting the reset button on your palate.

As for pumpkin pie, which is almost guaranteed to be on your menu, the best wine to pair with it, is beer. A Belgian style beer (Blanche De ChamblyBelgian Moon, Unibroue A Tout Le Monde) with the essence of coriander and lots of tiny bubbles is the go to beverage. Trust us, after all the wine, turkey and stuffing, there is no better way to end your meal.

Most all, remember that the best pairing is family and friends.

Happy Thanksgiving!