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Collection Cepages' de Leoville Las Cases 1989 - 6 Bottle Case

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Product description

Chateau Leoville Las Cases is undoubtedly the most extraordinary wine of the Saint Julien appellation and one of Bordeaux's best and most legendary. Endowed with a unique style, Leoville Las Cases is perhaps more like the great Pauillac than the often more flexible Saint Julien.

This limited edition collectors case is genuinely for the wine connoisseur who'd like to try blending themselves.  

This case contains 6 x 750 ml bottles:

  • 2 bottles of  1989 Chateau Leoville Las Cases Grand Vin
  • 1 bottle of 1989 Cabernet Sauvignon (used in the final blend)
  • 1 bottle of 1989 Merlot (used in the final blend)
  • 1 bottle of 1989 Petit Verdot (used in the final blend)
  • 1 bottle of 1989 Cabernet Franc (used in the final blend)

Also, two glasses, a measuring test tube, and a funnel are included.

You are invited to 'play' with these wines and create your own blend by varying the percentages of each grape variety.

The final blend of the 1989 Grand Vin de Leoville Las Cases is:

  • Cabernet Sauvignon 60%
  • Merlot 25%
  • Cabernet Franc 12%
  • Petit Verdot 3%