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Bombarda Culverin Rum

Product description

Bombarda Rum comes from the decks of glory, and with an unruly spirit, Bombarda Rum pays tribute to the commanders and buccaneers who blazed a path to victory at sea. In search of the finest liquid gold treasure, their crew has scoured the West Indies settling only for the most infamous rums. Invading ports and raiding distilleries, their crew demands only the finest rums to be surrendered. Its befitting origins are Trinidad, Dominican Republic, Guyana, Jamaica, Barbados and Panama! After the heat of the battle, Bombarda's hand-selected rums are then inconspicuously hoisted deep from the cellars and further tropically aged in select white oak casks under the Caribbean sun.

Culverin is a blend of 5-8-year-old rum. It is sourced from three origins: Barbados, Dominican Republic and Panama. The nose is bold but subtly balanced with infusions of ripe yellow fruit, vanilla, toffee and a hint of tobacco.