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Koloa Coffee Rum

Product description

Koloa Coffee Rum is a collaboration between the Kauai Coffee Company and Koloa Rum Company.

Appearance... This spirit pours and looks like a rich deep cup of coffee with a deep brown opaque hue surrounded by a light mahogany meniscus. Several swirls of this spirit in the glass reveal a hint of real coffee particulate that gather in the slow-running amber-kissed legs.

Nose... Freshly ground and brewed Arabica and Robusta Beans with the sweet smell of molasses and rich dark chocolate undertones kissed with a touch of Lilikoi.

Taste and Finish... This intensely rich coffee-flavoured rum is slightly lower in ABV which facilitates the amazingly complex flavours. The initial sip is a highly robust espresso coffee balanced with white cane sugar. The spirit initially presents itself as a well-crafted espresso cocktail. Then it's back to a dry finish of light vanilla, hints of chocolate and that wonderful coffee flavour that a great barista can only achieve. Second and third sips of this elixir present hints of tropical fruit in the finish along with hazelnut and stone fruits. This is a remarkable spirit!