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Lolea RED Sangria

Product description

Sangria is a traditional and popular drink in many Spanish towns. It's an integral part of the country's culture, especially in summer because it's a refreshing drink, synonymous with the beach, sun and sea.

Each household in Spain has its own sangria recipe and at LOLEA they have their own secret blend, fully artisan, a perfect combination of wine and fruit with a frizzante touch. LOLEA brings a sophisticated touch with style and taste.

LOLEA sets itself apart from all other sangrias. It smells like a fresh, young wine with notes of cherry, orange peel, lemon drops, cinnamon and sour strawberry. Its intense, pleasant aromas are married with crisps nuances of grapes and sweet fruit. But the best has yet to come. Full-bodied and ample on the palate, followed by the experience of a wide array of ripe red berries and blue flowers, where you appreciate the noblest part of the wine and tannins.