Posted on by David Dienger

Sushi is as popular as ever, but which wine pairs well with sushi?

When thinking sushi, the first thought is usually sake and rightfully so. However, in lieu of the classic pairing, let's chat sushi friendly grape base beverages.

If tempura prawns are on the menu, look for an Albarino. This wine bursts with flavours of lemon and lime, has high acidity and a slight bitterness on the finish which lends itself to the sweetness of the prawns, the oiliness of the deep fried panko and the acidity of the sauce.

If you love chopped scallop rolls, then ZYN's go to is Prosecco. Prosecco has a peach and lemon fruit essence, sometimes with a hint of sweetness. Scallops are naturally sweet, soft and delicate. A chopped scallop roll begs for a touch of sweetness and high acidity to slice through the succulence.

Everyone's favourite, California rolls. Rose wine is an excellent pairing. Look for a bone dry, mineral driven Rose from the region of Provence and you are set.

Sushi is one of the more diverse food types and never before have there been so many flavour options. The staff at ZYN will help you find the right wine for your sushi or perhaps even the right beer!