Posted on by David Dienger

ZYN is going to debunk the most common wine myths for you!

One of the most common myths about wine we hear at ZYN, is that expensive wines are better. Although you can't really make a blanket statement to say that just because a wine is more expensive that it will be better than a less expensive wine, there are reasons why some wines may be more expensive than others. Vintage, oak aging, the reputation of the vineyard and of course, location location. 

At ZYN we often hear white wines with fish and red wines with meat. Try to be a bit more adventurous with your pairings. For example, a red wine option with fish is an earthy Pinot Noir such as Foris Maple Ranch from Oregon. Think out of the box and don't restrict yourself to one wine type over another.

Another major myth is that Rose wines are just for summer. Not at ZYN. Rose wine has become increasingly popular as a year round wine due to the fact that they pair well with so many different types of cuisine. ZYN carries a wide range of Rose, so make sure you check out our Rose selection.

And last but not least, ZYN's favourite beverage Champagne. A very common myth is that bubbles should be served in a flute. Although the flute looks elegant and is very traditional, try serving bubbles in a white wine glass with more of an opening. This will allow the aromas of the wine to come through.