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Zuidam Oude Genever Gin - 1 Litre

Product description

This genever is made from a malt-wine produced from a triple-distillation of equal parts corn, rye, and malted barley. Part of it is then distilled a fourth time with botanicals including juniper, licorice and aniseed. These two components are then blended and aged in 200-liter, new American oak barrels for 3 years. These are single-barrel releases and is sold at 38% ABV in Europe, primarily in the Netherlands and Germany.

Made with a base of “malt wine” (essentially a grain eau de vie), and flavoured with botanicals, Genever can be thought of as gin’s weird older sibling. This particular offering is made with a mashbill of equal parts rye, corn and malted barley. The mixed grains ensure a base which is at once spicy, sweet and textured. The grains are milled by traditional windmills, with this method of processing ensuring the cereals stay cool and retain their subtle flavours and aromas. This Genever has been distilled in traditional pot stills, and flavoured with a secret blend of herbs and spices, including juniper, liquorice and aniseed. This spirit is then aged in oak casks for a time, producing a complex and characterful final product.

Zuidam Oude Genever serves up flavours of bittersweet juniper, forest floor, vanilla, earthy spice, cracked black pepper, liquorice root and star anise. A fascinating spirit, this Genever is best sipped neat, but would work wonderfully in cocktails.