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1921 'Irresistible' Cream Tequila Liqueur

Product description

This special edition "Irresistible" was inspired to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the 1921 Cream, also known as "The Cream of Mexico." Energy, life, force, and love are just some of the emotions that this colour expresses; they chose "Rosa Mexicano" because, beyond those feelings, it is also part of their values and actual culture. It is considered more than a simple colour, an element of national identity and a symbol of Mexican charisma.

It is made with the finest real Tequila Blanco and cream. A delicious combination of typical Mexican flavours that make the "magic of a perfect combination." Sweet and creamy taste with a hint of coffee and tequila, which makes it unique. Gluten-free. It's great as an after-dinner drink, neat or over ice.